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Warner's Blue Ribbon Books on Swarovski Crystal

Swarovski Figurines - Identification is an important step and Swarovski Photos simplify the process

It is not unusual for a family member to inherit a Swarovski collection and prefer not to keep it. Swarovski figurine identification will be the first step in getting ready to dispose of the collection. Whether you choose to sell using online auctions, professional Swarovski dealer services, donate to charity, or some other method, you need to know what you have in order to proceed.

If the original owner did not keep original boxes or have an itemized Swarovski figurine list on file with the insurance company, Swarovski figurine identification may become a challenge. To the new owner, our Swarovski catalogue book set will be the answer you are looking for.

The Swarovski book set has over 2000 Swarovski photos of crystal to help with that task. The book index, description with physical dimensions, and Swarovski photos will simplify the Swarovski figurine identification process in most cases.

Swarovski Identification of your Swarovski Crystal Figurines may be Tricky

Big-time Swarovski collectors know that Swarovski had multiple variations of the same item. What this means is that Swarovski used the same name and same deification number to represent multiple products. Proper Swarovski identification is necessary to proceed with selling in any manner.

A simple example is the Swarovski Baby Seal figurine. Swarovski produced three unique figurines using the name Baby Seal. The Swarovski part number for all three figurines is 7663 046 000. The Swarovski system number for all three figurines is 012 530. Yet all three figurines are distinctively different.

In our Swarovski books, we note them as 'variations'. For this Swarovski figurine, the nose is the difference between the variations. Variation 1 has a black button nose (without whiskers) - current Swarovski ERV is $300. Variation 2 has silver whiskers - current Swarovski ERV is $120. Variation 3 has black whiskers - current Swarovski ERV is $55. (Swarovski ERVs assume item is in mint condition with original Swarovski box.)

So you can see how important it is to know exactly what you have. If you were to tell a professional broker you have a Baby Seal that you want to sell, you can see that the broker would need to know which variation you wish to sell to recommend a selling price as well as to be able to accurately advertise it for perspective buyers to consider for purchase.

In conclusion, Warner's Blue Ribbon Books does NOT purchase Swarovski collections. Instead, we will refer you on to a Retired Swarovski Dealer who can better assist you in explaining your options and using the selling services they offer.

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