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Warner's Blue Ribbon Books on Swarovski Crystal

Retired Swarovski Dealers and Swarovski Secondary Market

Swarovski secondary market dealers / specialists / brokers can be extremely helpful when a collector is looking to buy Swarovski Crystal and sell Swarovski Crystal. Reputable dealers eliminate the risks of unhappy buyers and sellers that may occur during private sales or via online auctions. This is very important, especially if pieces are not accurately represented (incorrectly identified, damaged/not mint, etc), if breakage occurs during shipping, or if payment is not secured. And many times, it is cheaper to purchase from a broker than in an online auction where there is more risk involved.

Free listings can usually be obtained from brokers when a Swarovski collector is considering a purchase of preowned Swarovski.

Many brokers have free listing services that allow the Swarovski collector to list their items at no charge.

You may use our Swarovski Catalog numbers, Swarovski Part Numbers, and Swarovski System Numbers to cross reference item names and descriptions from the various dealers. The dealers use and recommend our books!

Check out these professional retired Swarovski dealers and Swarovski experts if you are looking to buy or sell Swarovski Crystal.

Find your retired Swarovski Crystal at Crystal Exchange America! They are a Swarovski secondary market dealer located in Ohio (U.S.A.). Established in 1997, they deal exclusively in Swarovski Crystal. As of 2020, Crystal Exchange America now focuses on helping Swarovski crystal owners liquidate collections via consignment.

The Crystal Lodge purchases entire Swarovski collections from collectors who reside in the UK.

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