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Warner's Blue Ribbon Books on Swarovski Crystal

This Swarovski Price Guide is essential for current insurance requirements

Swarovski Collectors typically want to ensure that they have complete and adequate insurance to cover their prized Swarovski collection. To do proper research for insurance values is very timely. This project is an ongoing project, with no break. One must keep involved with the Secondary Market and Swarovski new product introductions on a scheduled basis. This thorough research requires checking numerous sources of products, performing calculations for replacement values based on current availability, then compiling the list. It takes us a lot of time; we can't imagine collectors wanting to expend the time too.

Our Swarovski Price Guide makes the insurance value reporting process easy!

We do all that required research for you approximately 3 months before the price guides are republished.   So when you purchase your NEW price guide, the values will be completely up to date! And all the new Swarovski product introductions from the prior year will be included too.

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