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Warner's Blue Ribbon Books on Swarovski Crystal

Your Swarovski Collection is a very treasured crystal collection

A lot of Swarovski collectors don't own just a couple of pieces, they have a cabinet of pieces. And we know Swarovski collectors who have entire ROOMS of cabinets of Swarovski. Just ask any of many self-admitted crystal fanatics....collecting Swarovski seems almost to be an addiction! Regardless of the size of your collection, it is very precious to you, and you may wish to protect it.

So how does one keep track of a Swarovski collection? What happens to the Swarovski collection when needs arise for the Swarovski collection to be sold?

Our Swarovski book set makes Swarovski identification and recording simple. You see the Swarovski pictures of the crystal figurines, and instantly have all the rest of information needed.... part number, production information, etc. This task would be next to impossible without the Warner's Blue Ribbon Books on Swarovski.

The marked-up Swarovski book set can be submitted to an insurance agent (some agents require actual photos of cabinets containing crystal too) for maintaining policy values. While you don't want to be under-insured, you certainly don't want to pay to be over-insured either (that means you're overpaying for insurance that you would be unable to collect on.)

With respect to selling a Swarovski Collection... most consumers do NOT purchase a Swarovski collection for the joy of having a collection. Having a Swarovski collection implies a crystal collector owns a number of items that they personally enjoy looking at and displaying. The crystal may have been gifts, perhaps a souvenir from a vacation, or purchased simply out of delight of a particular item.

Your Swarovski Collection might be For Sale?

When a collector is in a situation requiring them to sell, the collector should consult a Dealer for Retired Swarovski for recommendations on selling. Most likely, the dealer is not going to suggest selling as a "unit" as they are difficult to sell as a "unit". When buyers purchase a Swarovski collection as a "unit", the perspective buyer is going to require an ultra-attractive price, like a small fraction of what the collector originally paid. Why you ask? Because the perspective buyer is most likely going to split up the Swarovski collection in order to sell for a profit. This "treasured Swarovski Collection" to the owner, is simply a means of profit to the buyer. Sometimes the facts of life can be harsh, and this is one of those times. Collectors, who face the hard choice of selling their Swarovski Collection, are forced to make difficult lifestyle decisions. The Swarovski books can be kept, with your written notes intact, so you will not have to erase all of the good times, or your fond memories.

Swarovski Crystal collections indeed have sentimental value but will not have as much perceived dollar value by anyone other than the collection owner. We recommend owners be realistic if the situation and the need arises to require selling their Swarovski collection. Your Swarovski figurines were added to your personal collection with memories attached, but in the secondary market world, that fact adds nothing to the price.

In conclusion, Warner's Blue Ribbon Books does NOT purchase Swarovski collections. Instead, we will refer you on to a Retired Swarovski Dealer who can better assist you in explaining your options and using the selling services they offer.

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