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Warner's Blue Ribbon Book on Swarovski: Silver Crystal Book

This Swarovski Book is a comprehensive reference price guide on Swarovski Silver Crystal. The Swarovski book details information on current and retired Swarovski, European and U.S., Swarovski crystal figurines from 1976 to 2012. It also includes the SCS (Swarovski Crystal Society) Annual Member pieces beginning with the Lovebirds in 1987 and ending with the 2013 edition, Cinta the Elephant by Elisabeth Adamer.


ISBN 1-893911-43-8

QUICK FACTS about the contents of the 2013 Swarovski book:

  • Page Count: 600+

  • Picture Count: 1500+ Black and White Photos

  • Picture Size: 2 inches tall and 2 inches wide

  • Book Dimensions: 8.5 x7 inches, coil bound

  • Crystal Figurine Data (for each item in the book):

    • Product Name, Part Number, and System Number

    • Designer

    • Dimensions (in metric & English)

    • Mark on the Crystal Figurine (old SC Logo or Swan logo)

    • Description (including Group Theme if applicable)

    • Year Introduced and Year Retired

    • Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price

    • Estimated Replacement Value, abbreviated Swarovski ERV in the book (This is for retired items only.)

    • Blank lines for the Swarovski collector to record date purchased, price paid, and other personal notes.


The introductory portion of the Swarovski book contains information about Swarovski trademarks, the authors, care/cleaning/repair, book terminology, and brief biographies on the Swarovski designers.

The Swarovski book is divided into 16 sections for the various categories, and each piece assigned to a category.  This makes finding pieces in the book simple.  Categories include:  SCS Members, Disney, Animals, Paperweights, Candleholders, Fruit and Botanical, Silver Crystal City, Musical, Clocks, Box and Containers, Picture Frames, small Chinese Zodiacs, Characters (formerly Lovlots), Other Silver Crystal Items, Dealer Plaques, and member Christmas Ornaments.

In the description section, you will read some very interesting facts on the crystal items.  For example, did you know there are (at least) 5 variations of the Medium Mouse? Only the descriptions and Swarovski pictures in this Swarovski book allow the collector to accurately distinguish the differences among the variations of the Medium Mouse. These variations can have a big impact on the Swarovski ERV, the lowest variation having an ERV of $100 and the highest one having an ERV of $3000!

This is an ideal Swarovski price guide for keeping accurate inventory of your Swarovski collection and acceptable for most insurance requirements.

Warner's Blue Ribbon Book on Swarovski Crystal is in its 21st year of publication.  (Revised books available in March/April each Year.)

Beginning in 2014, the Color and Black and White Books are no longer available as individual books: Swarovski Book Volume 1, Swarovski Book Volume 2, and Swarovski Book Volume 3 replace the prior books.

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