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Warner's Blue Ribbon Books on Swarovski Crystal

In its very first edition, this Swarovski Book, the authors-initiated use of the term ERV to represent Estimated Replacement Value for the insurance industry.

Since that time, ERV has become a widely popular term, but many times is misused.

Swarovski ERV remains to mean Estimated Replacement Value for the insurance industry in our Swarovski Books. ERV is commonly used as a substitute (mostly in auctions) for Estimated Retail Value and also implied to be Expected Retail Value.

To clarify our point, no one should expect to pay ERV for a piece of crystal when casually purchasing retired Swarovski, rare Swarovski, or discontinued Swarovski. If one has an insurance authorization to replace a unique Swarovski item and does not have the benefit of time to shop for an attractive price, the price paid may very well match ERV. If the Swarovski item cannot be located from reputable Retired Swarovski Dealer, or perhaps the auction venues, the insurance company may have to pay out the claim based on our Swarovski Book ERV or the value that the piece was insured at.

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