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Warner's Blue Ribbon Books on Swarovski Crystal

Swarovski Value fluctuates due to changing economy and global market


Many Swarovski collectors have been led to believe their Swarovski Collection is a true investment which will continue to grow in value as time passes.

Having our own Swarovski collection, we could only hope for this ourselves. However, the reality is that Swarovski makes beautiful crystal figurines. Some of Swarovski figurines become more desirable over time, which causes the value to go up.  While others are not hotly sought after, and prices do become more attractive to purchase after retirement.

During the 80's and 90's, Swarovski ERV (estimated replacement value) did increase each year. The most cherished Swarovski SCS Annual Editions and Limited Editions grew in value each year. Hard to find colored paperweights were aggressively hunted, and for this reason, they too would increase in value each year.

Good news for new collectors, but not-so-good for seasoned collectors, times have changed. Swarovski value seems be to stabile and even decreasing, with the ease of access using the internet and online auctions.

As the auctions became a popular venue for Swarovski collectors to consider, selling prices of current (not retired) crystal almost seemed to be 'sale prices' which was unheard of as Swarovski previously had a fixed price system agreement with all its retailers at that time. Even today, on the front of the Swarovski Price List, which is printed by Swarovski, it has clearly stated for several years, 'Non binding recommended retail prices'.

Swarovski ERV on the decline

As a new decade begins, the global economy is less vital than in recent years. Many collectors are taking a second thought when purchasing Swarovski crystal, perhaps focusing on the items that have the very most personal appeal. Swarovski collectors are purchasing less Swarovski Crystal, saving their money for life's necessities. For those who actively shop for new products, they sacrifice the personal shopping experience at a store for those bargain prices found elsewhere on the internet. For those collectors finding themselves in a financial pinch, they begin to sell off their Swarovski . All these definitely factor into lower prices on the Swarovski commodity sadly. When supply overwhelms the demand, prices fall. The original expectation for "investment growth" or "profit" can become a hard reality for "loss".

This scenario comes to full circle when the publications are updated annually. If Swarovski crystal is trading at lower prices, the Estimated Replacement Value (Swarovski ERV in our book) is lowered. Our placement of Swarovski ERV is made with this additional fact in mind...the Swarovski collector once owned the item in their personal collection. A catastrophe occurred, and the item is lost, damaged, or stolen. Originally insurance was purchased to protect the Swarovski crystal figurine, now the item is gone. It is the insurance responsibility to put the policy holder's collection back to where it was before the catastrophe struck. The policy holder is not expected to 'wait for a good deal' but restored to whole in a reasonable time frame. Thus, it will be more expensive to restore the policy holder to whole, than a collector who simply has a desire to expand their collection with a new piece. This collector has no limited time frame to work within and can indeed wait for the 'good deal'.

Hopefully, the climate of the global economy will turn around, and that Swarovski Crystal values once again will flourish. In the meantime, collectors may have to be realistic and purchase the Swarovski items that bring you happiness at prices you are satisfied to pay.

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