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Swarovski Logos

The Swarovski Silver Crystal product line featured etched logos signifying that it is genuine Swarovski. While the "Silver Crystal" name has been discontinued, Swarovski continues to use the etched swan logo on newer figurines.


Swarovski logos have changed over time since Swarovski began making crystal figurines in the late 1970's.  The block SC logo (which is the letter S inside the letter C) was the original logo used from 1976 to 1988.  Swarovski figurines bearing the block SC logo means it was produced during that timeframe.  The Swan logo was the original logo used from 1989 to present.  Swarovski figurines bearing the Swan logo means it was produced more recently.

Some Swarovski can be found with either the block SC logo or the Swan logo.  This is due to the product introduction and product retirement dates.  Swarovski did not put both logos on a single item.

Nearly all Swarovski pieces have logos, however, some pieces may accidentally escape unmarked.  While this does not likely alter the value, it does make it unique. Seeing that logo gives the collector piece of mind that the crystal is genuine Swarovski.

Our Swarovski database, as well as our Swarovski Books, do indicate which logos can be found on the products produced.

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