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Swarovski Crystal Restoration and Swarovski Crystal Repair

Swarovski has a very firm policy that they will NOT repair/restore/re-glue any RETIRED or DISCONTINUED crystal. They can assist collectors only if the damaged item is a part of their current product offering.

So, if you have an item requiring a Swarovski repair, that is, a retired Swarovski crystal figurine that requires a component to be re-glued or replaced, The Crystal Wizard may be able to assist you in restoring your Swarovski figurine to MINT condition!


The Crystal Wizard is a Swarovski restoration specialist located in Ohio (U.S.A). They can restore damaged figurines by using replacement MINT components from other figurines that were taken in as salvage. They do NOT polish out chips or otherwise alter components. Components are as they were from the factory.

Contact us directly for more information on how to get a price quote to restore your damaged Swarovski figurine! They request that you include your name and phone number with your corresponcance.

email: Tom@TCWizard.com
phone: 937.698.4508


The Crystal Wizard: We Restore & Repair Swarovski Figurines

According to the dictionary…To Restore is to “put the figurine back to original condition using replacement components when necessary”.

(The terms broken and damaged are used interchangeably when discussing Swarovski Restoration.)

Advantage of Restoring Broken Swarovski Figurines:  Undamaged replacement Swarovski components are used to replace all damaged Swarovski components.  When properly restored, no defect will be detected.   So, the Swarovski figurine will be ‘like new’ and retain full value.

Disadvantage of Restoring Damaged Swarovski Figurines:  Sometimes replacement Swarovski components may be difficult to locate or the components may be costly.  This can make Swarovski restoration more complicated and expensive.

Consideration:  Replacement components needed for restoration jobs are not available from Swarovski.  They are found from salvage from other Swarovski figurines. Components that frequently break are more pricey.  For older figurines, just finding salvageable parts could be tough.  These situations do complicate what (on the surface) might appear to be a simple Swarovski restoration job.

Swarovski Reattachment

Sometimes a damaged part becomes unattached. Reattachment is also possible using your crystals. If your crystals are damaged, we sentimental attachment.
This will not increase the value of your item for other collectors,

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