Swarovski Catalogues and Swarovski Catalogs on Swarovski Crystal

Swarovski Catalogue for an avid Swarovski Collector...it's NOT just another book

Our Swarovski Catalog has a strong reputation for being that all-inclusive guide that every collector is seeking to own. Between the set of books, there are over 2800 items documented over the past 33 years that Swarovski has been producing for crystal collectors.

The Silver Crystal Swarovski book contains photos, Swarovski identification numbers, and detailed information about SCS products and Silver Crystal product releases (as well as product variations on those releases) beginning in 1976, with 1800+ Swarovski crystal items. With room for personal notes near every product shown, this is truly YOUR personal Swarovski catalog for your collection.

The Beyond Silver Crystal Swarovski price guide contains: Crystal Moments, Crystal Home Accessories, Daniel Swarovski Home Accessories, Daniel Swarovski Masterpiece, Julia's World, Perfumes, Paperweights, Trimlite, Crystal Signatures, Christmas Memories, Crystal Scents, CrystalograMs, Buddha, Arribas Creations, Crystal Paradise & more! Plus, just like the Silver Crystal book, you can record your own notes regarding purchase price, location, and special memories.

Swarovski Catalog for keen Swarovski Crystal Fanatics

We recommend that Swarovski collectors purchase the Swarovski Catalogue set. When the company realigns product classifications, they sometimes move Silver Crystal products into different lines/categories, which are in the OTHER book. When the consumer owns both catalogs, they can be certain to have documentation on Swarovski's full spectrum of releases.

You can have your own Swarovski Catalog and Swarovski Catalogue set by clicking on Order Now in the horizontal menu across the top part of your browser's window. The catalogs are updated and republished on an annual basis, so crystal fanatics can be certain to have the most current documentation on Swarovski products available!

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