Reasons to obtain a professional Swarovski crystal appraisal

There are several reasons you may feel the need or be asked to have your Swarovski collection professionally appraised.  The most frequent request, is because you have decided you wish to insure your Swarovski crystal collection for insurance purposes.  Other reasons for getting a Swarovski appraisal are for estate liquidation purposes, down sizing and selling, and divorce circumstances.  When contacting a professional Swarovski appraiser, you will be asked for what reason the crystal collection is being appraised.  It is worthwhile to understand that Swarovski ERV (estimated insurance replacement values) are higher than liquidation values, so the need of your appraisal is important to for the appraiser to know. After contracting an appraiser, he/she will visit your home to personally take a Swarovski inventory and inspect all of your crystal collection for the appraisal.   With this list of information the appraiser will begin the task valuing your Swarovski collection for the appropriate reason. 

It is our professional opinion that appraisals cannot be done "online" or "sight unseen". This risky method of valuing a collection makes unreliable assumptions....that the person in possession of the collection can accurately identify each Swarovski crystal item in the collection, and that the he/she can do a true, quality inspection of the crystal condition. Using our Swarovski catalogs can be a great asset in Swarovski identification with the Swarovski pictures, it certainly does NOT replace a valid Swarovski appraisal.


Insuring your Swarovski collection

As a collector of Swarovski crystal, and your collection grows you may want to have the replacement value insured.  Obtaining insurance on collectibles varies greatly from state to state and from one insurance company to another. 
Our old school thought was to first approach your homeowner's insurance policy company and ask if replacement coverage is available for your fine art crystal collection.  Some companies do not offer any sort of coverage, while others will add an insurance rider to your homeowner (apartment belongings) policy.  As times are changing, you need to inquire if you have a crystal loss...will such a claim cause your policy to be flagged as a high risk policy holder, or possibly the policy cancelled.  The other option is to seek out a reputable insurance company who specializes in insuring Swarovski collectibles and your other collectible treasures.

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