Warner's Blue Ribbon Books on Swarovski Crystal

Warner's Blue Ribbon Books on Swarovski are a series of Swarovski books written by Swarovski Crystal collectors for Swarovski Crystal collectors.

This Swarovski Book set is intended to be used to by the collector to accurately inventory Swarovski Crystal collections and give recommendations for insurance values. Collectors return year after year to have the most recent information which includes newer Swarovski figurines and prior year Swarovski retirements. Swarovski collectors choose these Swarovski books for the best up-to-date information, especially when updating their insurance policies.

Our popular Swarovski Book set contain pictures, Swarovski ERV, Swarovski Name, Swarovski identification numbers, Swarovski Designer, Swarovski product grouping and more for current, retired, and limited edition Swarovski crystal figurines that were available in the USA and worldwide.

Warner's Blue Ribbon Books is in our twenty-first year of publishing books for the Swarovski Crystal collector. No other publisher can match our record on continually writing and updating a complete and compressive book on Swarovski like ours. Our Swarovski publications can speak for themselves.

Our books are the most complete, annually published Swarovski catalog ANYWHERE in the world! We are dependable researchers, publishers, and Swarovski experts successfully releasing new books March/April each year up to 2015. No other publisher with a similar book can match our standards of assurance, quality, reputation, or reliability!

In 2015, we are going to align the books with Swarovski announcements, introductions, & retirements and release the books around the 3rd quarter of the year. This will allow us to include alot of the current year introductions, which have never been previously included. It will also allow a more accurate list of product retirements for the current year to be included in our Swarovski Value Guide Books.

Legendary Books, Phenomenal Price Guides, Superior Catalogs on Swarovski Crystal

Warner's Blue Ribbon Books on Swarovski are a MUST HAVE for every collector who needs to track their Swarovski crystal collection for personal inventory and insurance requirements. Our Swarovski catalogs ease the task with the high quality Swarovski pictures, crystal figurine descriptions, and annually-researched replacement values.

Information on our site will help learn more about all our product offerings to allow you to make the best possible choice for your Swarovski crystal collectibles collection management. For the most recent Swarovski news and commentaries we can offer, you may refer to our articles.

Whether you are new collectors or experienced Swarovski crystal fanatics, our books will be your preferred reference materials on Swarovski. Once you have purchased and used our Swarovski Price Guides, you will wonder how you were able to keep track of your treasured Swarovski crystal figurines and insurance without them!

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